About the National Stormwater Center

The National Stormwater Center was founded by John Whitescarver with a commitment to promoting and advocating compliance with the Clean Water Act.

As one of the first employees at EPA, and a member of the team that developed the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System program (NPDES), John holds the unwavering belief that well-trained stormwater inspectors make the difference in restoring and maintaining the waters of the United States.  John serves the National Stormwater Center as its Executive Director.

Our objective is to provide required training to qualify stormwater inspectors and stormwater permit personnel, and to provide stormwater permit compliance assistance to industrial, construction, and municipal stormwater permittees.  We accomplish this through a variety of educational programs, services, tools, and resources developed by our instructors, who are former enforcement officials at the Federal or State level.

Our instructors develop and deliver our quality coursework and oversee our qualified Compliance Team’s delivery of stormwater assistance service programs.

Our office staff are available to help you with all your stormwater needs.


Organizational Structure:

John Whitescarver      Executive Director

Betty Stahm                  Director of Operations, betty@npdes.com

Allison                            allison@npdes.com

Kathleen                        kathleen@npdes.com

Contact us with any questions you may have.  You may also send questions to info@npdes.com.