Analytical Benchmark Monitoring

Do you have the necessary resources to remain in compliance with your Stormwater Permit?  Once in place you must:

  • Locate your sample points
  • Have qualified personnel monitor discharges & collect stormwater samples according to specifications and timelines of your permit
  • Contract with a certified laboratory
  • Collect discharge samples during a qualified discharge event
  • Package and ship samples to the lab
  • Monitor the process and progress at the lab
  • Analyze lab sampling results and prepare a Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR)
  • Submit the DMR to the appropriate State authority
  • Maintain pollutants below benchmark levels
  • Monitor for benchmark exceedance and BMP adjustments
  • Train staff and keep SWPPP up-to-date


Email the National Stormwater Center today for a no-obligation analytical benchmark sampling and reporting quotation.  You take the sample and we take care of everything else.

Our Analytical Benchmark Monitoring (stormwater sampling) program includes:

  • Sampling Kit for your convenience
  • Sampling bottles shipped to you each monitoring period
  • Assistance in locating a sampling outfall
  • Analysis of laboratory results
  • Analytical results for your SWPPP
  • Advice on how to improve your sampling results (if needed)
  • Preparation and submission of Discharge Monitoring Reports to your regulatory authority