Certified Stormwater Volunteer

We are excited to announce that our non-profit division (a 501 (c )(3) private foundation) has developed and is delivering stormwater courses for community volunteers across the nation!

These graduates will have an educational background in Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) that covers the law (Clean Water Act/NPDES), permit comprehension, and IDDE identification and reporting.  These volunteers will be an asset to their municipalities not only in IDDE reporting, but also in other stormwater volunteer efforts (Adopt-a-Stream, drain stenciling, etc.) including serving on advisory committees and supporting utility rate increases.

The initial CSV class is offered free of charge, and those who wish to continue can become members for a small annual fee. CSV members have access to our library of information including a series of additional courses, IDDE picture examples, newsletters, court cases, and of course, on-going support from our team.

Municipalities may sponsor residents in the program, sponsor the program to be brought to their location, and they may inquire about trained citizens in their communities for project-based work.

Here is a link to our private foundation’s website with more information!