Inspector Gear Available for Purchase

From safety vests to hardhat stickers, Inspector Gear helps identify your professional status.  Call our office at (888) 397-9414 to order your gear today!  (Sorry, these items not available for direct purchase online.)

For Certified Inspectors only. Yes, we do verify credentials!


Certified Stormwater Inspector logo car magnet

Our Certified Stormwater Inspector™ vehicle magnet announces your professional status even before you arrive on site! Made of premium materials with a strong magnetic backing, the magnet affixes firmly to the exterior of your vehicle, yet allows you easy and instant removal.

Order yours today!

Price:  $75 + shipping (+ tax where applicable)




Certified Stornwater Inspector reflective vest


Hey, be safe out there!  What else is there to say?

Order your high-visibility, reflective safety vest today!

Price:  $30 + shipping (+tax where applicable)









Certified Stormwater Inspector hardhat sticker


Certified Erosion Inspector hardhat sticker 

Price:  $2







Certified Stormwater Inspector photo ID card

How cool is this?  Your professional identification card, complete with photo ID!

Send us a passport-size photo, and receive your personal identification card within one week.

Price:  $20





Certified Stormwater Inspector document stamp


Certify your inspection reports with style!
This self-inking stamp provides room for your signature and certification number.  Every Inspector needs one in his/her toolkit.  And if you don’t have a toolkit, they fit perfectly in the pocket of the Inspector’s Windbreaker!  (a blatant hint)

Price:  $35 + shipping (+ tax where applicable)





Certified Stormwater Inspector iron-on patch


Needle and thread not your style?  Check out our EZ iron-on embroidered Inspector patch.  Dress up your field uniform with the badge of authority!  And it’s only $5.00!

Price:  $5






Certified Stormwater Inspector jacket


Check out this lightweight professional CSI Windbreaker!  Made of a soft and pliable yet durable polyester, this jacket is ‘da bomb!’ for Inspectors!  Strong enough to keep a biting wind at bay, this windbreaker also sports an interior mesh lining which allows the fabric to breathe.  And there are plenty of pockets – inside and out – for your valuables (and for trinkets, too)!

Price:  $45 + shipping (+ tax where applicable)





Certified Stormwater Inspector denim shirt, short sleeve


When a tee just won’t do, the savvy Inspector can don this quality denim shirt!  When combined with a pair of khakis, your professional appearance will not be questioned.  Order your denim today!

Price:  $35 + shipping (+ tax where applicable)










Certified Stormwater Inspector baseball cap


Wind, rain, sleet, snow, beaming sunlight…who knows field work better than a Certified Inspector? You’ve worn out the one you received in class, so order your sporty denim CSI sports cap today and continue to protect yourself!

Price:  $18 + shipping (+ tax where applicable)