From the EPA 2008 Multi-Sector General Permit: Employee Training.  You must train all employees who work in areas where industrial materials or activities are exposed to stormwater, or who are responsible for implementing activities necessary to meet the conditions of this permit (e.g., inspectors, maintenance personnel), including all members of your Pollution Prevention Team.  Training must cover both the specific control measures used to achieve the effluent limits  in this Part, and monitoring, inspection, planning,  reporting, and documentation requirements in other parts of this permit.  EPA recommends training be conducted at least annually (or more often if employee turnover is high).

All sessions are one hour in length at a cost of only $39.00 per employee per session.  Sessions open 10 minutes prior to listed start time to allow attendees time to adjust audio controls. Each National Stormwater Center session meets these permit training requirements.  Instructors are qualified through enforcement backgrounds at the Federal or State level.

Computers need an internet connection, microphone, and speakers for VoIP (to talk online).  Attendees have the option to dial-in to a toll conference number.  With an internet connection, attendees may access via individual workstations, laptops, or conference settings.

To gain the most, it is necessary to be able to ask questions and participate in discussions. We strongly encourage attendees to have audio capabilities. 

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