Stormwater for Decision Making Executives

The intent of this class is to help municipal stormwater officials, municipal executives, elected officials and other decision makers implement their municipal stormwater programs by assuring that they understand MS4 permit requirements and by helping them strategize cost-effective approaches to permit compliance.  Compliance is essential; non-compliance with any part of the permit creates liability for state or federal enforcement and citizen suits, and ultimately jeopardizes the health of the prized rivers, lakes, and streams in their community.

This course is appropriate for:

  • Stormwater Program Directors
  • Public Works Directors
  • City Managers
  • Mayors
  • City Council Members

The training covers the following topics:

  • Overview of the Clean Water Act and NPDES
  • MS4 Permit and Stormwater Management Program Requirements
  • MS4 Reporting
  • Stormwater Program Management Considerations: Funding, Staffing/Training, Measurable Goals and Communication

In addition, the class will discuss upcoming changes to MS4 permits due to federal regulatory changes. It is important that Stormwater Directors and Managers understand how these changes will impact their current operations. There will be an opportunity to discuss implementation strategies that are most beneficial to the MS4.

Pricing and Terms

Course Length: 1 day/ 4 hours

Course Fee: $200   NOTE:  For a special time period only, the course fee is being waived!

Registration Fee: $50  (see below)

Terms: Registration fee is 100% refundable after attending the session.

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