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Office Hours

M–F, 9:00am–4:00pm EST

CSI - Network

We are pleased to offer a series of monthly discussions on critical stormwater inspection issues.   CSI - Network discussion meetings are delivered via interactive webinar on topics that apply to municipal, construction, and industrial regulations, permits and inspections.  Meetings are scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month beginning at 1:00 PM EST for no more than 90 minutes.  The CSI Network may adjust discussion topics but the schedule is firm.  These meetings are free to current Certified Stormwater Inspectors (CSI)™.  Non-current CSI graduates and the general public can join CSI Network sessions for a $25 registration fee.  

With over 10,200 CSI Graduates these sessions have limited seating & fill quickly!  Register early!

September 2020:  Pollution Prevention

October 2020:  Clean Water Act

November 2020:  Water Quality and TMDL's

December 2020:  Avoiding Citizen Suits

January 2021: Using science to solve Compliance Issues

February 2021:  Industrial Permits and Documentation

March 2021:  The Impacts of Rain with Gene Norman, CBM  Consultant, Wise Weather LLC  

April 2021:  Engaging the Community to Reduce Stormwater Pollution, Emilio Lopez, SOP Technologies

May 2021:  HOA Ponds for Phase II MS4's

June 2021:  Electronic Management Tools for Stormwater Compliance

July 2021:  Stormwater Pond Maintenance

August 2021:  When Regulatory Agencies Expand the Scope of their Authority

October 2021:  Pollutants of Concern and BMP's

November 2021:  Pollutants of Concern and Best Management Practices

December 2021:  Environmental Justice

January 2022:  Recreational Criteria 

Febuary 2022:  Dealing with Bacteria Violations

March 2022 :  Proper SWPPP Content

April 2022:  New Federal Construction Permit and Its Impact On State Programs

May 2022:  MS4's Working too Hard Inspecting Construction

July 2022:  Best Control Measures for Chemicals

August 2022:  Celebrating the Future

September 2022:  Climate Change and Stormwater

October 2022:  Financing Stormwater Systems

November 2022:  Changing Stormwater Terminology

January 2023:  Operating and Maintaining Green Infrastructure Projects

February 2023:  Introduction to Porous Pavement

March 2023:  In Plain English - The Workplace Guide to Clear and Consistent Writing

May 2023:  Improving Compliance By Targeting Non-Filers

June 2023:  Introduction to AWWA G560-22 - Stormwater Management for Utilities

August 2023:  Forever Chemicals

September 2023:  Waters of the United States (WOTUS)

October 2023:  US EPA's Clean Water Act Financial Capability Assessment Guidance

November 2023:  The Land Use and Green Infrastructure Scorecard

January 2024:  Hydrology of Stormwater

February 2024:  Steps to Inspect Detention Ponds

March 2024:  The Importance of Performance in Stormwater: A National Perspective and Local Considerations Seth Brown, PE, PhD

April 2024:  What are Nanobubbles?  How are they generated and used to treat water?  Jim Newton

May 2024:  "Let it all soak in"  Rain Gardens

June 2024:  "Up on the Roof" - Green Roof Design, Construction, and Maintenance

Graduates will receive an email from National Stormwater Center with a link to register.  SEATING IS LIMITED, SO PLEASE REGISTER EARLY TO SAVE YOUR SPOT!  Meeting presenters will be assisted by a manager to encourage discussions and to help you share your experiences with other inspectors.  If you are a subject matter expert in one of our meeting topics and would like to make a short presentation to the group, please email us so we can make arrangements (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).